Saturday, March 21, 2009


OK people always ask me what is wrong with her when i tell them she has a bad hearts so I'm going to blog it

She was born at 34weeks and they had to take her by c-section
because her heart was not acting right the entire time i was preg i stayed sick cause at 4 months preg i found out that i have stones in my gallbladder well her heart was never the right beat
it was so slow they thought she was a boy well they took her at 1:34pm and at 10:00pm that night they had to take her to
Texas children's hospital in Houston TX she was then in nicu 3 the worst and then 3 or 4 weeks later she was moved
nicu 2 then had heart surgery to close the PDA valve and then she was back in nicu 3 like a week later she was back in nicu2 then a week or 2 later we got to go home she was there 7 weeks total. 
We went home for 3 months she did great and everything then all the sudden she did not want to eat she was losing weight and that was not good she was already to small well we ended back up in Texas Children's hospital April 28 2008 and then within 2 weeks she was put in the picu she was so bad it was not even funny the bad part was that they had no idea what was wrong
they new it was her heart just did not know why she got that bad that fast so they did
echo after echo and they told us well were just going to have to g
o in and look :( I was very concerned. The day after mothers day 2008 they did her surgery it was a Monday
i prayed
and prayed they told us that since they did not know what was wrong with her that if they were in to long other organs could fail i cried so hard we thought we were going to lose our baby girl well as soon as they got in they found it!
It was scar tissue in the mitro valve they have no idea how it got there but it could always come back so keep her in your prayers
well she is now 17 months almost 18 months and she has been great for a Year now
God is so good!!


THIS IS STEPH NOW! 18 months

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