Friday, October 16, 2015

Stephs Appt 10/2/15

Stephs appt went OK her original ortho Dr that she had,  had for the last almost 5yrs moved out of state and we are now seeing another he is ehhh he wants to put her in a brace at night that moves with her cause of her heart for the ones that don't know Steph has scoliosis near her left shoulder blade and those kinds usly just get worse :( So he Is talking surgery in the next few yrs :(. But going to stay positive the good lord has her in his hands :) please pray for her thanks.  But she gets fitted for that and a shoe lift in December the same day as her eye appt (she lost her glasses in the fire :(  )  So we shall see how this goes :) staying positive!!! 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Homemade Powder Laundry Soap

After a long time of wanting to switch to all natural and environmentally friendly items due to our daughters health we were finally able to.
After a long process of searching high and low for a recipe I finally found one.
These are NOT my recipes that's why I'm adding there links these are the two I found the most helpful.
I can say we have made two batches and one we used Fels naptha bar soap the other was Kirts Castile bar soap (pics included) Cause i cant afford Dr Bonners right now but Fels works GREAT kirts not so much and my daughter can't use kirts. The clothes are SO CLEAN with the fels whites are whiter and they smell CLEAN. Kits was not as affective.
Clean is not fruity smelling etc it's no smell at all it's taking some adjusting but to smell nothing is actually refreshing :).
Hope It turns out well for you all as well :)


#2 -

I also started making homemade dryer sheets I'll have to find the link it's so easy and I love it saving a ton of money.

Sunday, October 11, 2015


We have been having a rough yr anyone following just bare with me I'm going to get back on track in time we suffered through a house fire back in June right after I was about to get everything together and we had to start over and it's been rough so just bare with me in the next coming weeks I'm going to be posting more and giving updates on Steph :) you all have a wonderful Sunday :)