Monday, April 03, 2017

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Monday, March 27, 2017


Well today has been good day we did a seed experiment :) thanks to Pinterest I'll have to find the like and comment it below but hoping that goes well :) we shall see in a few days . . I'm in the process of getting curriculum and everything set up for next school yr this yrs has been just simple basics due to end of school yr coming and not having what I would like to but I want to just start a new school yr out fresh so just doing the basics right now ;) and being steph is special #1p36Strong it is ok cause I'm getting to see exactly where she is learning at which is super low but that's ok she is learning already in the short time we have been schooling!
So with that being said its dinner time were all hungry and I'm going to go back on the hunt being a mom is a full time job but one I love well stay blessed and until next time be blessed **Blessed Mommy77**

Im back

Hopefully for good I'm loving life a lot more these days and I have become a homeschool mom so things have changed for sure can't wait to start blogging about it all hope you guys stick around and enjoy the ride with us take care and god bless and as always till we we meet again **Blessed Mommy**