Sunday, May 17, 2009

About me

well i need to tell you some about me since i have a siggie that says it tells a little about me so here we go

My name is Stacey and I'm 21 & I have a 17month old little girl and she has heart problems if you go down it tells about her
I had Steph at 19 I really wish i would have waited but i would do it all again (i think) lol but I'm a pretty easy going person and if you talk to me and don't go behind my back or keep things from me I'm good to go i don't like to be lied to I love to go to the races (with race cars) i have not been in forever and i cant wait tell Steph is a little bigger so i can cause my brother is suppose to start racing
Well me and Brian have been together 2years and 3 1/2 months and we are getting married in October if everything goes well i pray it does we were going to get married sooner but Steph ended in the hospital and then she ended up in there a second time and we were not on good terms either me and Brian that is but we have worked it all out and i love him to pieces both of them they are my life
I love my animals and right now we have 3 dogs 1 turtle and 4 fish but we have more fish most of the time but i give some to Mr. bubbles witch is my turtle i love cats but I'm allergic to them at one time i had 29 of them they were all outside and that's a long story if you want to hear it let me know

My fave color is blue
My fave music i cant pick i like to much
My fave song is when doves cry by prince
My all time fave movie is Rodger Rabbit, next to that its A walk to remember & the Notebook
My fave show is Grey's Anatomy
My fave # is 7
I love the lord very much and I'm trying to live right

I'm just typing everything that is on my mind right now

Uhh i want to one day Adopted a kid
cause i wouldn't want to put me or my unborn child in danger like i did steph
And no I'm not preg lol i was just saying if i was to i would not want to do that but i do want more kids so i would like to Adopted
If anyone has any info on that please let me know

Anyways uhh I'm hungry oh my bad lol
no really i am so i will be back later